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Increase your productivity

Did you know that the mere tool costs are just an average of 4% of the total production costs?


Therefore, even a reduction of 10% of the mere tool costs would reduce the total production costs only by 0.5%!


Our experience has shown that an increased milling capacity (increased output) reduces the production costs and increases the profitability. As a result your production costs are lowered significantly and your economic viability increases!

Our Highlights

  • Innovative

    Highly abrasive sintered corundum of the 3rd generation of Quantum Reduction in cutting force, Increase in ablation rate, Higher feed speed, Longer service life, Improving process capability.

    Rod sintered corundum A new product for creep-feed grinding which is developed by us and unique in this area Increased feed rate and cool grinding with value which were not realizable, so far Cutting performances which are many times higher than conventional grain shape

    TGP grain mixture Very long service lives for the angular infeed grinding and for the grinding of high flat surfaces, specially developed for the avoidance of thermal damage

  • High Precision

    Dressing plates with a very long service life and constant diamond cross section which causes continuous overlap rate.

    Dressable CBN diamond ceramic bonds with latest binding technology with open-porous structure and concurrent superior retention of RVG.

    New diamond shape and diamond roller dressers for continuous-path controlled dressing Latest technology which increases significantly the service life or reduces the dressing force and thus also reducing thermal damages on the component.

  • High Performance

    PKD and CBN tool grinding

    • shorter grinding times
    • better cutting edge roughness
    • longer service lives

    High-speed groove grinding

    Highly efficient groove grinding wheels of

    • Corundum technology
    • SG technology
    • Rod sintered corundum technology
    • CBN and Diamond technology
  • Cooler

    Advantages of the product Migg-Jet


    • High lubricoolant exit speed
    • Targeted supply to the grinding site
    • Profile-adapted nozzle type
    • Reduction of lubricoolant requirement
    • Reduction of grinding wheel wear
    • Reduction of thermal component load